Ensuring the efficiency of your loading stations

Products manufactured by PROMStahl meet all European standards, and our dock levellers have successfully passed the load tests in accordance with the regulations of the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), which is based on the current EN1398 standard for dock levellers.




Our goal is to offer all the products you need to keep your loading dock fully functional and safe. We have a wide range of accessories, including mounting bumpers, wheel guides, polar and docking lights and more.

  • PECO mechanical lift is an economical solution for loading and unloading with minimal height differences between the dock and the truck
  • Stationary Drawbridge Leveler - a power-operated hoist suitable for internal or external loading docks
  • PKBS - Laterally Sliding Drawbridge Leveler - made of durable aluminum alloy
  • Wheel guides. Guarantees accurate stopping at the place of loading.
  • And many other accessories for loading docks

Dock sheds

We offer high quality mechanical, cushion and inflatable dock sheds. Focusing on design and durability, our awnings are easy to install as well as adapt to different needs.

  • Mechanical dock shed. The front and rear frames are made of high-stability extruded aluminum sections
  • Inflatable dock shed. Combines optimal sealing efficiency with flexibility of use
  • And other dock sheds

Hydraulic lift tables

Our dock levelers are available with a swivel cap or telescopic lip and can be ordered in industry standard sizes or by individual order. We have a solution for any docking requirement and all our products comply with the EN1398 standard for loading docks.

  • The Swing Lip lift is a safe and efficient solution for busy loading areas
  • A lift with a telescopic lip is the ideal solution if precision is required
  • Loading ramp with telescopic lip lift
  • Lift control panels are designed to simplify the loading and unloading process

Dock houses

Dock houses are external structures that are combined with a loading ramp and sheds to form a separate docking system that can be installed outside the building.

Allow you to maximize storage space in the warehouse and maintain the thermal insulation of the building.

  • Consists of all components of the docking system: dock lift, awning and sectional doors
  • Expands available storage space
  • Provides thermal insulation of the building
  • Made of high quality cladding materials - trapezoidal metal sheets and sandwich panels
  • Drainage systems and facade elements tailored to your building are available as accessories

Mechanical hoists

In situations where there are minimal height differences between the floor and the truck, a hand-operated, mechanical hoist can be an effective solution.

We offer a wide range of mechanical hoists that can be easily used by one person.


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