Fireproof gates


Reliable fireproof doors

Fireproof curtains E, EW, EI

Designed to separate fire areas in accordance with applicable fire safety regulations.

Mainly used in buildings of high aesthetic value – in utilities and shopping centers.

  • The door leaf is made of fiberglass fabric
  • The ballast built into the curtains allows them to be tensioned correctly
  • Guides and guards are available in any color of the RAL palette
  • The construction of the curtain prevents the formation of thermal bridges by installing it in a longer size
  • As standard, all door body elements are galvanized

Roller doors

Vārti tiek atvērti un aizvērti ar 24 V motoru palīdzību. Ugunsgrēka trauksmes gadījumā vadības bloks iedarbina motoru, un vārti aizver eju starp ugunsgrēka zonām.

  • The motor and control unit are equipped with an additional power supply
  • The door leaf consists of fireproof panels
  • Each panel is made of PVC profile according to the shape
  • Number of door opening cycles - 10,000
  • For larger doors, it is also possible to use a motor powered by 3x400V

Sliding doors

In the standard version, the door is closed by gravity using a counterweight. Keeping the door open is possible thanks to the electric holder connected to the fire alarm control panel.

  • In the event of a fire alarm, the control panel releases the electrical holder and the door closes the aisle between the fire zones
  • The door is opened manually or automatically using an electromechanical drive
  • It is possible to use an electromechanical drive that operates on 24 V
  • The doors can also be equipped with small staff evacuation doors
  • Number of door opening cycles - 10,000

Sectional doors

Ideal for closing large rooms and commercial, fire-hazardous areas, and for storing hazardous materials. When the door is connected to the building’s fire alarm system, it closes automatically in the event of a fire alarm.

  • The door is powered by a FailSafe 400V motor. The door works without the help of springs
  • Available in galvanized steel or RAL 9002 and RAL 7016
  • Width up to 5250 mm, height up to 5250 mm
  • Built-in staff door (optional)
  • The lifting system is specially designed for this door


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