Garage gate automation and control systems

Possibility to organize a traditional gate automation system, providing gate opening consoles, receivers. Everyday facilitation for both private homes and businesses.

Possibility of installing a modern solution – Entrematic Smart Connect, providing control overthe gate also remotely – with the help of a mobile application.

Entrematic Smart Connect integrates with the most popular smart home platforms: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit.

By integrating indoor and outdoor Internet cameras, it is possible to watch HD broadcast in real time, managing access with the application system.


Ditec TOP

Ditec TOP is the latest generation garage door automation; powerful, fast and quiet – it is made of the highest quality materials. The offer includes two 24 V motors (600 N and 1000 N) for gate control with a weight of up to 210 kg and an area over 17 m2.

  • Fast operation that reduces closing and opening times
  • Impact force control guarantees excellent safety
  • Remote controls with dynamic code and motor help protect the gate against unauthorized opening
  • External release device with key, useful in case of power loss
  • Connecting the motor and the self-learning function with the help of the display only require a couple of steps

Ditec ION

Ditec offers a full range of automation systems for sliding gates, up to 3000 kg. Designed to last and withstand even the harshest weather conditions, they combine unmatched durability with a modern and elegant design.

  • Power saving mode
  • The temperature sensor precisely adjusts the engine operation in case of cold weather
  • Impact force control guarantees excellent safety without adding active sensitive edges
  • Includes a quick self-learning procedure that automatically registers all stop positions

Ditec TS 35

Ditec TS 35 is a new telescopic type double-sided gate automation intended for both private homes and industrial use. Quick to install in just three easy steps: when closing the gate, attach the motorized gate to the post using the mounting plate included, pull out the telescopic arm and attach it to the leaf.

  • Stainless steel motor parts and screws ensure excellent durability
  • ZEN remotes with variable code
  • LIN2 compact photocells with rotatable sensors
  • Green mode for saving power in standby mode
  • Thanks to the control unit with display, more than 100 settings for gate control can be used very easily
  • 1 sash width up to 3.5m

Ditec QIK

Ditec QIK is a high-performance automatic barrier that is synonymous with durability: tested for more than 1 million cycles, it has an opening speed of up to 2 seconds (up to 90°) and fits perfectly into any environment. It is available in 3 versions: a 230 V AC 3.5 meter version and two 24 V DC versions for penetrations of up to 5.8 and 7.6 m respectively. The 24V DC model system ensures completely safe use, allowing speed control and continuous adjustment of impact force, as well as immediate detection of obstacles and decelerations.

Ditec automatic barriers are the ideal solution for shopping centers, hotels, residential buildings and public buildings that require a safe, efficient and reliable access control system.

  • All rivets are made of stainless steel, thus extending the service life
  • The monobloc aluminum unit ensures easy installation, longer life and easy service
  • Large number of opening cycles, more than 1 500 000
  • An access control system designed with security in mind
  • Ditec QIK fully complies with European directives.

Entramatic Smart Connect

Control your facility access like never before with geo-fencing, voice commands and scene creation.

Entrematic Smart Connect is the new system that manages entrances and gates via a phone app or computer remotely or locally.

System unit installed close to garage or gate automation. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi transmitter, it can be connected to various Internet connections using a USB / Ethernet adapter. The device can control up to 3 automatics.

Wireless sensors send access status: open, closed, left open, obstacle … as well as temperature and battery status alerts.

The required FREE CONTROL APPS are available on Play Store and App Store.

The Entrematic Smart Connect application controls up to 3 garages or gates for each device and can manage several devices at the same time.

Entrematic CAM App provides video monitoring and recording.


Full range of accessories including control units as well as control and safety accessories for complete installation and adaptation to various installation settings.

  • Control units
  • Remote controls and receivers
  • Access control systems
  • Safety accessories - photocells and flashing lights


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