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Industrial sectional doors

QDOORS industrial doors have several indisputable advantages: ease of use, reliability, safety, well-sealed assembly points and excellent thermal insulation. A wide range of accessories, lift types and colors will help you choose a door for any industrial object.

Industrial doors can also be installed in high-traffic areas, places with high humidity and also in large doorways. QDOORS industrial doors have a reinforced structure and are made of materials with high anti-corrosion properties, which ensure safe and reliable operation throughout their life cycle.

Technical characteristics

Made of 40 mm thick sandwich panels (heat transfer coefficient U = 1.3 W / (m2K), consisting of painted, galvanized steel sheets filled with polyurethane foam.

In addition to the convenience of using the door, it can be equipped with a staff door. Staff doors can be placed either in the middle or facing one of the sides.

To complement the design and functionality of the door, it can be equipped with different types of windows or with glazed sections, resulting in better visibility and much more light.

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